Associate Reformed Presbyterian Synod - The authorized Web Site for the ARP denomination. It is the best place to learn more about us. It contains all of the standards and beliefs as well as links to the various organs of the denomination.
Erskine College - Located in Due West, it is the oldest denominational college in South Carolina.

Erskine Theological Seminary - A sister to the college, this is a top ranking institution.

The Bible For You - The evangelical Bible teaching of Dr. Manford George Gutzke.

Bonclarken - Located in Flat Rock, N. C., this retreat offers relaxation, recreation and education for all ages.

Abbeville - This historic county seat offers a variety of accommodations, dining and entertainment.

McCormick - Build on old gold mines, this county seat has much to offer history and nature based tourists.

Hugh McGough's Scotch-Irish Journey to America - This page has some interesting links to information about his  ancestors and their experience in America.  Some of it is specific to Abbeville County, SC.

McCormick County Tombstone Transcription Project - This site has complete listings for most of the cemeteries in McCormick County, including Long Cane ARP. Other counties have projects also.

Historic Hopewell Church - Located in Preble County, OH, this congregation is one of those organized in the early 19th century by members of the ARP Church who wished to live in a non-slaveholding state.

S. C. Dept. of History and Archives

S. C. Dept. of Recreation and Tourism

S. C. Heritage Corridor

McCormick County GenWeb Project

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