Long Cane ARP History

History Paper by Mrs. Carolina Bradley Klugh - Written in 1931 for the 150th anniversary of the congregation and reprinted for the 175th, this appeared as an article in the Index-Journal June 28, 1956. It also has some lists of early members as well as some humorous anecdotes.

An Historical Sketch of Lower Long Cane ARP Church - by Dr. Nora Davis, M. A., D. Lit. This was written in 1940 by Dr. Nora Marshall Davis, Director of the Historical Markers Survey of South Carolina. This is quite long and contains lists of early members and a great deal of other detail useful mostly to genealogists and others interested the history of the congregation.

History Paper by Miss Alma Young - This was written for the Fairfield Home Demonstration Club. I don't know the year.

Statement of Historical Significance - Written by Dr. Tracy Powers of the South Carolina Department of History and Archives for the nomination of Long Cane ARP to the National Register of Historic Places. The church building and the cemetery were placed on the register in 1999.

Architectural Description - This was written by a local architect, Mr. Allison "Cruiser" Leigh, also for the nomination to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.

Recommended Reading List - This is a list of history books. These are mostly local history very specific to the Long Cane area and also the South Carolina back country in general. Also there are some devoted to the history of the ARP Church

Cemetery Index - The cemetery was inventoried in the fall of 1978 by Mrs. Henry S. Morrow and Mrs. John H. Kirkland, Jr. This is the list of names from the index.